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About This Project

This is a project to build a Blockchain and Cybersecurity Sister-City Program much like “United Nations” of Blockchain Associations, Academies, Research facilities and Platform Developers across all major 189 countries in the world.

This Sister-City Projects will be headed by two Professors resident in Varna.

The idea is to share Technology and Industrial innovations, launch ICOs and provide consultancies, Legal advice, and funding in all things related to Fintech and the Administrative adoption of Blockchains in all matters pertaining to transparency in Governments and their Sovereign currencies.

As well, this project will launch the VITAREUM BLOCKCHAIN which is geared to support the Bitcoin revolution by providing a Crypto Banking and Payments Environment that can grow and nurture Alt Currencies based on Digital Ledger Technologies..

So far we have commitments from these cities and their respective governments to be part of the Program.

  1. Perm (Russia)
  2. Varna (Bulgaria)
  3. Bangkok (Thailand)
  4. Manila (Philippines)
  5. Singapore

With enough funding to raise global awareness and infrastructure development of specific locations and hubs for research and implementation, we can educate each country’s potential contributors, to grow their innovations into IP protected implementable initiatives. Each Hub has been designed to house and to facilitate Seminars, Webinars, Innovator Hub Offices and can be used to house major Conferences for global integrative use of Blockchain Technologies.

The physical structure seen on the following page is a rough idea of what the Foundation’s Blockchain Sister-City Hub will look like. A large research and education staff will be mobile throughout the world and we intend to “jointly own” these hubs with the various nations. MOUs are being sought but agreements in principle have been ratified with the 5 countries above to build these facilities on a “Matching Dollar” basis.

The Foundation’s main function is to create events, train operational crews, establish SOPs and Protocols and to develop Economic Stimulus Packages for countries that are struggling with Inflation and a growing National Debt. We are in negotiations with Russia and the EU Commissioner for Blockchain Technologies, Ms Mariya Gabriel, to apply for these grants in the hundreds of millions for such initiatives that we develop after the first year.

Along with those are other MOUs in place but awaiting our Teams to come in and establish a Grant-tracking Blockchain Technology to disburse secure funds to SMEs. A large country in Asia is now on standby for this expressed purpose.

An MOU is in place for digitizing a “Sovereign Currency” of yet another large rapidly advancing third world nation in Asia. I am in direct contact with its President.

An agreement in principle is in place for a small country next to continental Africa to Blockchain its entire Government. We need funding for all these simultaneous agreements to be executed under the Blockchain Sister-city Program, then more countries will follow.

We will also launch our own Cryptocurrency built on the Bitcoin Blockchain, along with our own Exchange, to modify and expand the capabilities of each country’s lagging currencies. The Chief Advisor of that initiative under the Sister-City program is the retired CEO of the CME GROUP, Phupinder Gill.

Funding needed to launch this entire multi-dimensional project effectively is not less than €65 Million Euros for initiatives under the Phase 1 proposal.

Foundation’s Projects