Dr Mel Gill's Foundation | About The Dr Mel Gill Foundation
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About The Dr Mel Gill Foundation

About The Dr Mel Gill Foundation

The Dr Mel Gill Foundation is a Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-National and Multi-Modal Foundation set up as an answer to the Reclamation of INDIVIDUAL SELF-SOVERIGNTY on Earth.

We believe that Humanity and Technology has been held back for more than 50 years by privately held Interest Groups and Oligarchs whose main focus was Profitability at the expense of overall Human Betterment.

That Technologies exists which can deliver Free Energy, Free Water, Limitless Food Supplies and enough Housing needs, and that these should all be made freely available to the General Population of this Planet.

As it stands now, more than 85% of the Earth’s Natural Resources and Wealth are in the hands of less than 1% of its population! We believe that with the release of a new form of what we call the Infinite Banking System, we can re-distribute the Wealth of this planet so that Human Minds can now focus on the essential matters necessary for the advancement of Mankind.

We at the Foundation, founded on 18th August 2018, are working with World Leaders, Scientists, Genius-level Programmers and Thinkers, Futurists, Teachers and other Forward Thinking folks to generate a new way to Live and to Thrive on Planet Earth.

Here are a starting List of the Foundation’s Projects: